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How to determine your law firm’s real estate strategy

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Are you a leader in the legal field? Before making a decision about your law firm’s real estate, make sure you’re in the loop on the latest industry trends.

From office layout to city preference, the legal landscape is shifting. Below are a few top trends to consider before structuring your own real estate strategy.

  • Budget Allocation: Most U.S. markets are moving in favor of landlords. Rents continue to increase, and available space
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JLL’s technology series: 2014 tech industry trends and real estate impacts

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The fight for talent. The race toward growth. The need for funding. The speed of innovation. These trends are top influencers in the tech industry, and also have major impacts on a company’s real estate strategy.

Our recent 4-part infographic series explained where, when and why change is happening and how it impacts your business. Check out the full story in this short tech industry trends video and start sharing it today!

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At SXSW, JLL’s tech team weighed in on commercial real estate trends in established and emerging tech markets, including how tech firms are using real estate to attract top talent. What are the industry’s key drivers?

While crowds eagerly await the next Twitter or Uber, there is another conversation rumbling amongst tech leaders. How are they going to attract and retain the best talent? One way is through their workplace and their

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JLL’s infographic details current law firm workspace trends

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Trends like collaborative workplaces and digitization of the workplace have radically changed how law firms use office space. Check out JLL’s new infographic for more law firm workplace trends and details on how space utilization can lower costs in the legal sector.

Revenue levels of the AmLaw 100 grew by just 2.8 percent in 2012, following growth rates of 5.9 percent in 2011 and 4.7 in 2010. As revenue growth slowed, so… Read More

Multifamily housing trends from US energy growth

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37 percent of new US jobs created since 2002 are related to natural gas and oil drilling, causing a major growth in housing demand in energy-centric communities. View the infographic below to see how this job growth, paired with other societal factors, is impacting multifamily housing trends.

A Charged Market

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Eight workplace features shared by great places to work

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2013-JLL-Global-CRE-Trends-ReportIn a competitive marketplace, certain organizations always seem to attract and retain the best and the brightest. These organizations may appear very different from one another, but our workplace team says they share eight attributes that consistently foster… Read More

Meeting the needs of the “me” generation: The new normal of retailing

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Technology has catapulted the evolution of retail. As Gen X, Y and the Millennials change the way goods are consumed, JLL’s retail experts, embarking on the ICSC Real Estate Conference (RECon), highlight 10 key trends sure to change the course of the retail industry.

“For the retail industry to succeed, a multi-channel strategy will need to be adopted to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.” Greg Maloney

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