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The loyal millenial: attracting and retaining the next generation of employees

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Foster millennial loyalty in your facilities

While millennials are often characterized as lacking loyalty to their employers, our recent survey reveals that millennials have greater employer loyalty when their career and personal needs are met. The main takeaway of the study is that millennials will be more likely to find career satisfaction with facilities management service providers who offer mentoring, job rotations, a blend of knowledge and relationships, and exposure to multiple client accounts.

“According to our research,

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Property management: tips for tenant retention

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Tenant retention is on the rise but are you on tract with the trend?

2014-05-08-Property-Management-Tips-1Statistics show that rentals and vacancies are up resulting in major implications for rental growth, the main driver of optimistic valuations of commercial property. So if tenant retention is not on the top of your priority list… Read More

Upcoming webinar: how can workplace design improve the productivity of employees?

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Join Bernice Boucher for the SIG sponsored webinar on October 10th at 2pm EST to learn how your workplace strategy can boost your workplace productivity, look at different generational motivations, and explore traits that are commonly shared by companies with high-performing workplaces. Register today.

Leveraging your real estate and aligning your physical workplace with the way people actually work can transform your business, shape… Read More