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The loyal millenial: attracting and retaining the next generation of employees

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Foster millennial loyalty in your facilities

While millennials are often characterized as lacking loyalty to their employers, our recent survey reveals that millennials have greater employer loyalty when their career and personal needs are met. The main takeaway of the study is that millennials will be more likely to find career satisfaction with facilities management service providers who offer mentoring, job rotations, a blend of knowledge and relationships, and exposure to multiple client accounts.

“According to our research,

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Millenials driving retail industry to revisit in-store sales strategies

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Note: The following article originally appeared on JLL’s Retail Blog

Retailers and mall owners have their in-store sales strategies centered right on Millennials, the generation ages 18 to 34. This fast-growing consumer segment totals 80 million Americans who spend approximately $600 billion annually. Knowing how to attract Millennials’ money is the name of the game for retailers and retail owners and investors attending the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Real Estate Conference (RECon) this week… Read More

The “buzz” that attracts the best employees may be different than you think

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For tech companies, there are very few general rules that apply across the board in making strategic portfolio decisions.

Big headlines make big news, so it’s not surprising that much of the analysis about attracting and retaining the best technology employees is given to generalizations: “It’s all about the Millennials.” “Suburban locations are decidedly uncool.” “The 20-somethings that dominate this industry like to be packed into virtual working mosh pits to create… Read More

Meeting the needs of the “me” generation: The new normal of retailing

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Technology has catapulted the evolution of retail. As Gen X, Y and the Millennials change the way goods are consumed, JLL’s retail experts, embarking on the ICSC Real Estate Conference (RECon), highlight 10 key trends sure to change the course of the retail industry.

“For the retail industry to succeed, a multi-channel strategy will need to be adopted to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.” Greg Maloney

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