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Can Los Angeles Imagine a World Without Grocery Stores?

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Four years from now, you’ll see fewer traditional supermarkets as consumers spread their spending across multiple grocery stores, even reaching out to a network of online food delivery services.

Here in Los Angeles, there are an increasing number of options to get fresh and local food to your doorstep, from Amazon Fresh to LA’s newest darling in online food delivery, Good Eggs. While Amazon Fresh offers same-day delivery on behalf of a bevy of premier gourmet markets… Read More

Meeting the needs of the “me” generation: The new normal of retailing

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Technology has catapulted the evolution of retail. As Gen X, Y and the Millennials change the way goods are consumed, JLL’s retail experts, embarking on the ICSC Real Estate Conference (RECon), highlight 10 key trends sure to change the course of the retail industry.

“For the retail industry to succeed, a multi-channel strategy will need to be adopted to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.” Greg Maloney

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