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High-tech venture capital funding dashboard – Los Angeles Q2 2016

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Based on the second quarter of 2016, Los Angeles currently accounts for 15.9 percent of the nation’s quarterly VC funding, placing it 2nd in the country, behind San Francisco and ahead of Silicon Valley.

The US as a whole saw a steep rise in VC funding; on the surface it… Read More

High-tech Venture Capital funding dashboard – Q1 2016

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Based on the first quarter of 2016, Los Angeles’ venture capital funding totaled $259.2M and accounted for 3.5% of the total funding in the U.S. While funding has slowed slightly this quarter, the same is happening around the county.

We may be in later stages of the cycle, but there will be no bursting bubble thanks to diversification.

  • Investors are still optimistic, there is plenty of innovation occurring, and tech is expanding into
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Los Angeles ranks 24th among major tech-oriented US markets

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2013-Research-US-High-Technology-Outlook-ReportInnovation driving high-technology industry expansion; solid demand for office real estate throughout the country

Our High-Technology Office Outlook is a comprehensive study of one of the most innovative and dynamic industries in the US, its impact on local economies, and the growth generated within the commercial real estate sector. This report highlights… Read More

American high-tech manufacturing is on the rebound

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Regionalization drives resurgence in U.S. high-tech manufacturing

2013-05-JLL-High-Tech-Manufacturing-ReportAfter a long period of contraction and job loss the industry is now enjoying a period of stabilization.

Looking forward, manufacturing employment is projected to see positive net growth. Data and insights from working with clients across… Read More