Pop-up stores: a sign of online retailers moving into brick-and-mortar

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JLL’s national research team has found that pop-up stores, which last from several days to several months, are often the first sign of online-retailers looking to lease longer term space.

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This trend is visible in Los Angeles as it has the second highest amount of online-retailers with physical locations of the 51 prominent retailers reviewed in the Clicks to bricks report.

The most common sector for this trend is apparel (with women apparel constituting 27.5 percent of the total 54.9 percent) some examples of these stores in LA are NastyGal and Revolve.

Online retailers moving into brick-and-mortar stores seems to have a strong future in Los Angeles with the current retail pop-up store count at around 22, and LA hosting over 90 retail pop-up stores between January-July 2016 according to RackedLA with concentrations in Culver city, Venice, Los Feliz, West Hollywood, and Mid Wilshire.

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Sources: JLL Research, RackedLA




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