Getting to know Hayley English Blockley

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Hayley English Blockley is a Senior Vice President based in JLL’s Downtown Los Angeles office. Her focus is agency leasing and she dabbles in tenant representation. Her expertise is in creative, media and entertainment-related real estate. Along with her team, she represents two private studio lots, adaptive-reuse creative office buildings, historic and new office construction from Playa Vista to Warner Center. Her team recently completed leasing The Reserve in Playa Vista (where TMZ shoots 5 days a week) and major leases to Viacom, WeWork and Fender (at TGCT and Col Sq).

While Hayley is busy in Hollywood and Downtown all week, she spends the weekends at the beach with her kids. But did you know she has a secret affinity for country music and rodeo?

Hayley English Blockley

Hayley with husband Clay and kiddos Fletcher and Hazel.

In this first issue of our new “Getting to know…” series, we are pleased to introduce you to the one and only Hayley English Blockley.

How did you get into commercial real estate?
HEB:  Like most people in our office, I majored in Film at Montana State University, which is an easy path into LA CRE. Just kidding; I was a professional athlete.

What is a typical day for you?
HEB:  Coffee. Diapers. Breakfast (for them, not me). Slap-dash makeup. Traffic. Running Late. Phone call. Phone call. Phone call. Tour. Tour. Tour. Traffic. Running late. Play. Dinner. Bath. Bed. Email. Email. Email. Wine.

Hayley English Blockley

Hayley speaking on a panel with Jan Pope and Nicole O’Hagen at JLL’s Women’s Business Network event, Spring 2016

How do you measure success?
HEB:  Professionally, earning respect from people at all levels of the organization and a reputation of highest trust in the community. Personally, happiness.

Who was the biggest influence in your life?
HEB:  Professionally, Carl Muhlstein (Regional Director and partner) brought me into the fold, gave me a chance and showed me how to play it cool.

Hayley English Blockley, Carl Muhlstein

Carl’s secret weapon, a team of collaborative women. L to R: Capriccia Green, Hayley, Jaclyn Ward, Nicole Mihalka

What was the best advice you’ve ever received?
HEB:  There are two secrets in life; first, don’t sweat the small stuff. The second secret is that it’s all small stuff.

What has been the greatest/most important/most meaningful moment of your life?
HEB:  Sounds cliché, but the birth of my children, Hazel (almost 4) and Fletcher (1 ½)


Hayley, Hazel and Fletcher

Hayley and Clay Blockley

Hayley and husband Clay

What keeps you up at night about the commercial real estate industry?
HEB:  10% annual rent growth pro formas

How do you see technology continuing to change the commercial real estate industry?
HEB:  Virtual reality will change the way we tour and plan space. Much like Redfin hijacked the MLS in the residential sphere, look at previously restricted information becoming more available to the public. Real Estate decisions are increasingly being made by proletariat consensus, and not just the CEO’s commute.

What is one trend that we will be talking about at this time next year?
HEB:  Ceilings are coming back in!

What unique adventure or hobby would people say “wow”?
HEB:  I don’t know about “wow”, but raised in Montana, I’m pretty outdoorsy. I love hiking, rock climbing, fly fishing, x-country skiing, and rodeo. All that being said, I still love not camping.

Do you have a favorite motto?
HEB:  No one can intimidate you without your consent.

What are you reading?
HEB:  Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

What is your favorite restaurant or meal?
HEB:  Mushroom Pizza at Gjelina

What’s on your bucket list?
HEB:  Japan and Sweden

Describe yourself in 3 words:  
HEB:  Both ends burning.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you:
HEB:  Patsy Cline is my go-to Karaoke.


Hayley English Blockley on ice

Hayley English Blockley
Senior Vice President, JLL
+1 213 239 6054




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