Creative build-out brings additional return to aging industrial assets

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Click on image to download reportBy utilizing the intrinsic design elements associated with industrial properties in in-fill markets, owners can unlock greater property value as tenants preferences shift towards open space, concrete floors, exposed ceilings and more natural lighting. Not to mention, there are often unique fixtures inside these facilities that create a one of a kind experience that is practically irreplicable.

Given that most in-fill areas in many Metropolitan Statistics Areas (MSA’s) around the country contain an abundance of mature product in land constrained industrial markets, there is a struggle on what owners and investors can do to better monetize their aging industrial assets.

Given the fact that there is a finite, or limited supply of authentic industrial facilities to convert, most major markets are seeing a spike in interest from users and investors to acquire these buildings. Not only is there inherent value given what the replacement cost would be, but this is also an eco-friendly trend through building reuse, which helps the environment by reducing consumption of building materials and natural resources.

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